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Aeolian round coaster set of 4

Round coasters from our Aeolian bowls collection. The coasters are beautifully hand carved and are made of teak wood. The coasters will protect your table from those feared water rings.

The coasters are a set of 4.

The new Aeolian bowls collection of Raw Materials are carved by skilled Indonesian craftsmen, from solid teak wood. The inspiration for the carvings comes from irregular shapes and patterns that are formed in dry and sandy areas under the influence of the wind. The wind can start a process of aeolian erosion that creates ripples and dunes in the landscape. Remarkably, the pattern that is created by such irregular shapes can have a very harmonious and attractive appearance. The skills needed to make these particular patterns were found in northern Java, where Master carvers have passed on the centuries-old carving skills from father to son. These days the demand for traditional furniture, with deeply carved patterns of leaves and flowers is on the decline. Younger generations can often earn more by working in garments factories or tourism. Asa result, most of the active traditional carvers are of older age and may retire the next five to ten years. Making use of their craftsmanship to develop new markets may contribute to keep a tradition alive. As a first step Raw Materials has created the unique Aeolian collection of bowls that are inspired by the beauty of imperfection.
Type Collection
Collection Aeolian
Specification Handcrafted
Material Teak wood
Height 2,5 cm
Diameter 10 cm
Assembly required No


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