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Naga panel

The Morung fulfils various functions. It is a sleeping place for the young unmarried men and in former raiding days it served as a guard-house for the warriors. Young people learn about social practises and beliefs from their elders and initiation ceremonies, festivals and other rituals are being held. In every Morung there is a huge wooden drum (log-gong) carved out of a single tree trunk. In days of head-taking, a captured head would be brought to the Morung or its log-gong, where the necessar y rituals would then be performed

The making of the log-gong and the building of the Morung houses with its rich decorations made the Naga famous for their wood craftsmanship. The tools used are simple, the Dao (machete), hand-drill and chisel. Functional objects such as husking tables or dishes and small ornaments might be carved by any man. On the other hand grand-scale carving of house-posts, grave effigies, village gates and log-gongs are more likely to be done by specialists or at least on special occasions. When a new Morung is built a very large tree is cut in the forest areas during the harvest festival. The tree trunk is pull ed out of the forest and up the hill with ropes. In some cases, more than 100 people can be seen pulling the ropes, and the actual journey may take a whole week. At the Morung one large log-gong is being carved out of the tree

Similarly, the specialist craftsmen may carve wooden panels for the Morung house from single pieces of wood, with figures that symbolize their rituals and mythical figures, like human skulls, buffalos, tigers, liza lizards or hunting scenes
Type Collectable
Specification One of a kind, only 1 piece available
Material Wood
Assembly required No
Care instruction Wipe clean using only water or a mild detergent

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