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The story

It all started back in 1998. After years of traveling the world and coming across so many unique objects, two brothers started the company that turned into what we are today; an authentic interior design company. Raw Materials is still run by the original owners but is now part of a dedicated team with a clear vision,  creating collections with a unique style & feel.
We embrace the rugged and natural beauty of reclaimed wood, metal, and natural materials.
Combining it with heritage and craftsmanship to create a wide range of interior products that have a modern rustic feel.
Our collections stand out in every interior, contemporary, and full of character.

Raw Materials is environmentally conscious as well as style orientated.
Our designers & buyers always visit the workplaces and actively search to work with materials that are suitable to re-use & recycle.
For our collections we only work with woods that have international certifications, like FSC or come from legal sources or plantations.
Additionally, our aim is to minimize waste during production, packing goods with recyclable carton, and using the very minimum of plastics.

Our goal is to bring conscious living into every interior!