FSC Certified - Raw Materials

FSC Certified

Raw Materials & FSC

From the start Raw Materials has always focused on minimizing its impact on the environment. Old & used products were found, restored and given a new life. Other products were made from raw and natural materials. Over the years we introduced several innovative collections. All manufactured with recycled wood from old houses, boats or trucks. 

In partnership, a production company was started in 2013. With the aim to better manage resources and production quality and to improve working conditions for the labourers and their families. Being in complete control of every step of the process has enabled us to obtain the FSC-Recycled certification for our Scrapwood, Elements and Factory collection. 

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organization which sets the international standards for responsible forest management worldwide. Trees and wood products that are processed according to those standards can obtain an FSC-certification

Regular inspections are done by independent certification companies. Products that have a FSC-logo give consumers a guarantee that no illegal or unsustainable logging has taken place in the making of that product. 

We are proud to show the FSC logo on all collections that are made in the factory. Each buyer of these products will know immediately that the wood is genuinely recycled and no trees are cut. Wherever possible, we are working with our other suppliers to get FSC certification for wood items as well. 

It is in our DNA to always look for more sustainable raw and recycled materials and to care about how and by whom our products are made. And we are convinced our clients will appreciate the items even more for it.