Acaciawood curved table top 160 cm | Raw Materials

Acaciawood curved table top 160 cm

Table from our Acaciawood collection. The table has a large top made from acacia wood with nice natural curves from the wood.
The leg is made for m iron.

Top and leg need to be ordered separately. The top and legs will be delivered seperatly and need to be assembled.

This item can be ordered in large quantity.

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On order only. This is not a standard stock item, but can be ordered.

Delivery time: approximately 12-16 weeks.
Minimum order quantity: 4 pieces

If you have other wishes regarding this product (e.g. other sizes, color, different finish) you can contact us.
< br>If you are interested in our custom made service , please contact your sales person or send an email to We are happy to make a quotation for you and are looking forward in working together!
Type Collection
Collection Acacia
Specification Handcrafted
Material FSC recycled acacia wood
Width 160 cm
Height 5 cm
Assembly required No

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