Anchester figure Tanimari ,Tavu | Raw Materials

Anchester figure Tanimari ,Tavu

Board statue with spread arms, this is called a tavu. The statue served as a family altar, a meeting point for the living and dead members of a ancestry group. Family heirlooms were displayed on a beam above the statue. The beam above the image was not a separate beam but part of the house construction. This tavu is composed of objects of different types on the island of yamdena. Nowadays there are no more tavu in the archipelago.
The meaning of the word tavu can be derived from thoughts such as 'beginning' and 'origin'
Type Collectable
Specification One of a kind, only 1 piece available
Material Wood
Width 117 cm
Depth 10 cm
Height 135 cm
Assembly required No
Care instruction Wipe clean using only water or a mild detergent

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