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Antique betelnut box

Antique Islamic Mughal Betel PandanHand carved copper or brass & some with silver polish finish

Early antique Indian Pandan box with complete inside containers. From Northern India? Kashmir & carved in late Mughal Style.

Museum quality Indian Pandan box. Cast and hammered copper decorated with intricate repousse and punched patterning .Floral motifs like these appear in much of the decorative art of North India and the Deccan area in the Mughal period.

The lid is surmounted with a handle & dome, banded round by beautiful rendered leaved. Inside, the rarely found set of containers featuring a round dish and small pots for cardamom, katha, choona (lime paste), betel nuts etc. are still there. These too, are carved & beautiful in delicate form. The handsome set, dating to the mid 1800's exhibits a sublime antique patina. The set does have a few dents and wear from use, however is in excellent condition for its age. It has been long appreciated as well.

The box was used to store the Pandan leaf used in the preparation of pan.Lime paste was mixed with grated areca nut and flavourings. The resulting mixture was rolled in the pan leaf to form a small parcel which would then be chewed. As well as being as integral part of Indian hospitality, pan was believed to possess medicinal properties and was taken as an aphrodisiac

Every box has an different design and lock. The boxes can be a bit different in size.
Type Collectable
Specification One of a kind, more pieces available
Material Metal
Height 23 cm
Diameter 22 cm
Assembly required No
Care instruction Wipe clean using only water or a mild detergent

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