Chako upcycled glasses 8 cm, set/3 | Raw Materials

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Chako upcycled glasses 8 cm, set/3

These sets of glasses are made in Zanzibar, Tanzania, from Recycled wine bottles. Zanzibar island is known for its rich cultural history architecture and Swahili traditions. It attracts many visitors, who also come for the azure waters, sandy beaches and swaying coconut trees. The tourism industry creates opportunities for Zanzibar people, but at the same time also a lot of waste that cannot be processed on the island.

In 2010 CHAKO started a small workplace where local woman create products from recycled waste. This has grown over the years, providing work for about 20 artisans that can hereby earn a living for their families.

Each CHAKO product is made of recycled materials, sometimes combined with local materials. One world interiors recently started a collaborations to give a boost to the sales of CHAKO's products, initially focussing on the recycling of thousands of wine bottles. They collect these from restaurants and bars on a yearly basis. The wine bottles are cleaned, cut and sanded by hand, making of 8 or 12 cm height. Presented as a set of 3 glasses in an attractive carton packing, it is a gift item that will be appreciated on many occasions.
Type Collection
Specification Handcrafted
Material Glass
Height 18 cm
Diameter 7,5 cm
Assembly required No

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