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Ox yoke South India

This Ox Yoke is from the south of India. A yoke is a wooden beam normally used between a pair of oxen of other animals to enable them to pull together on a load when working in pairs, as oxen usually do.

This item also is a symbol with different meanings. In some ancient cultures it was traditional to force a vanquished enemy to pass beneath a symbolic yoke of spears or swords. The yokemay be a metaphor for something oppressive or burdensome.

The metaphor can also refer tothe state of being linked or chained together by contract or marriage, like a pair of oxen.
Type Collectable
Specification One of a kind, only 1 piece available
Material Wood, iron
Width 122 cm
Depth 15 cm
Height 26 cm
Assembly required No
Care instruction Wipe clean using only water or a mild detergent

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