Vintage mango stackable stool hair-pin legs - Raw Materials

Vintage mango stackable stool hair-pin legs

Round stool from our Vintage mango wood collection. The iron legs of the stool look like hair pins, they add a cool twist to the stool. Use the stool as an extra seat or use it as a plant stand.

Vintage Mango
Our Vintage Mango wood collection is made from a special type of hardwood: mango wood from India. This type of wood is really sustainable because it’s a byproduct of an already thriving industry: mango fruit. The trees grow on a large scale in India and they mature quickly: in 15 years instead of for instance oaks (50-100 years).
The fruit production is good in the first period of the tree. As it grows older, fruit production also decreases. That is why this tree is economically less valuable on the mango plantations. The solution for mango farmers is then: cut down and replant. Because of this way of working, the wood of the mango tree is really sustainable. Forest is not just cut down. After his life as a food producer, the wood gets a second life as a piece of furniture.
The base of mango wood has a warm color, but due to the color variations in the wood there may be deviations. It gives every piece of furniture a robust and unique appearance. The wood has some sawcut markings which add a vintage twist.
We sanded the mango wood and gave it a sealer coating for the protection of water stains.
The coating gives a natural look to the wood, instead of making the color dark or yellowish we kept it as original as possible. The iron parts on the items are powder coated in a gun-metal finish.
Type Collection
Specification Handcrafted
Material Mango wood
Width 30 cm
Depth 46 cm
Height 45 cm
Assembly required No

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