Watch your back pak Grey | Raw Materials

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Watch your back pak Grey

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This back bag has a buckle in front to open the bag. Inside the bag has a compartment. You can carry the bag with the handle on the top or on you back with the adjustable straps

And according to us, this is the best part: All Leather Junky bags are handcrafted, which may result in variances in texture, colour, shading and natural marks and lines on the leather. This makes every bag unique. How to make your bag more unique and beautiful you ask? Wear it, use it, love it and abuse it.

The bag comes with a black Leather Junky dust bag. It'll keep your bag neat and clean when you want to store your bag or you can use it in your day-to-day life.

This bag is available in the colours: Tan, Black, Elephant Grey and Dark brown.
Type Collection
Specification Handcrafted
Material Leather
Assembly required No

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