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Our dedicated buyers travel the world to discover the most exquisite furniture and accessories to enhance your home. With each journey, they bring back fascinating stories that breathe life into the latest additions to our collections. We enjoy in sharing these stories with you, as our vintage pieces not only elevate your living space but also serve as delightful conversation starters. Envision a Saturday night, surrounded by your loved ones, narrating the captivating story behind your newest treasure.


There are several types & sizes of neckpots. Each will be used for a specific purpose. The larger ones with a broad rim, are to catch the milk, during the milking of the cow. Smaller ones are for milking the goats. Other shapes can be used for storage of GHEE (clarified butter) inside kitchens. Some shapes are good (taller ones) when churning the butter (ghee). Each pot is washed and inspected, where it is broken, we will repair those parts.


The neckpots we buy are mostly coming from the TERAI region in Nepal. Other regions have them as well but the Terai is a lower situated region. Agriculture & Livestock is mainly done here and farmers use these neckpots daily.


Made from local hardwood but still with daily use they broke once in a while. In those times, they were precious so farmers repaired them with metal plates. With the introduction of metal goods which did not break, they disappeared. Made obsolete and out of use but fortunately farmers never throw away anything! 

Buying process

They were stored away for many years and now they are collectables. To collect them, a person needs to go from house to house in the small villages. The person who collects them paints them with his own color code. Several batches with colors are going into a truck. Ultimately a truck filled with old neckpots is driven over the border into India. From here we are notified and upon arrival, we inspect them and selectively buy them. Since they have become popular, they are nowadays much harder to find and prices have gone up.

The final stage decides the finish, black or waxed or left completely natural. Even though they are washed, you can still smell the butter and milk, though it is now only a slight smell. These are truly old and authentic neckpots with many years of usage behind them. We are very happy to pass them on to a new life & purpose.

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