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Craftsmanship, passion, and inspiration converge here to bring your home to life. Step into our world of beautiful furniture and home accessories, where each piece tells a story that stimulates the senses and fuels the imagination.

On this blog, we share our timeless designs, but we also take you behind the scenes. Discover the tips and tricks straight from our CEO. We also share the inspiring stories behind our furniture and home accessories. From the artisans who create each piece with love and dedication to the fascinating journeys around the world to find unique treasures, we introduce you to the people and stories that bring our collections to life.

So, settle in, be inspired, and discover how Raw Materials can transform your home into a reflection of your personal style and story.

‘The story of…’

Every month, we take you on a journey through the backstory of one of our products. Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful stories from India and Indonesia, and discover the profound connections that make our collections so unique.

Folding tables

Discover our collection of authentic, vintage folding tables with a unique history from India, restored for sustainability and practical use in modern spaces. Carefully refurbished by artisans, they retain their characteristic appearance and are ideal for space-saving living. With proper maintenance, these tables will remain a charming addition to your home.


Our dedicated buyers travel the globe to discover beautiful furniture and accessories that enrich your home, each piece accompanied by a captivating story. Wooden pots from the Terai region of Nepal, once everyday essentials for milk and butter storage, are now home accessories with a unique history, enhancing our own collection.


The entire production process of the Chalk collection revolves around two essential elements that Raw Materials values greatly: the use of natural materials and craftsmanship. In this detailed description, we take you through the creation of these accessories, from the eco-friendly materials to the craftsmanship behind each design. Learn all about the making of.

‘Tips & Tricks’

In this section, we’re happy to share some ‘tips & tricks’ for your own business. Our CEO has years of experience in sourcing unique items. The key is to search effectively, be patient, and know where to look. Read on for more!


In this section, our CEO shares experiences and tips for company buyers. He emphasizes the importance of thorough research, patience, and budget awareness when dealing with wholesalers. Additionally, he recommends exploring local alternatives like auctions and online marketplaces, while cautioning against hidden costs and pitfalls. Join us and learn!

Signs of quality

Identifying quality furniture is quite an easy task when you know what to look for. Begin by closely inspecting the construction of your wooden furniture, examining both its exterior and interior. In this month’s ‘tips & tricks’ you can find out about all the key features to keep in mind during your assessment. Read on for more!

Dining table maintenance

To ensure your beautiful dining table lasts as long as possible, we are happy to provide you with tips and tricks. What should you pay attention to when cleaning your table, how do you remove scratches from your table, and what is the best way to protect your dining table? Click the button below to find more guidance on how to extend the lifespan of your table.

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